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Southeast Regional Fruit & Vegetable Conf.

We should all be in Savannah!

Although we will miss seeing you in person this year, we are here to help all your upcoming plant needs. 

Agri-Starts, Inc. is a leading plant tissue culture company which was established in Apopka, FL in 1984.  We micropropagate many different types of plants for growers.

On this page you will see some snap shots of our operation and crops.  You can also find some of our starter plant plant offerings below.  All our plants are shipped well established in 72ct trays.  All material is produced in our labs in Apopka, FL and has been virus & DNA tested.  Please feel free to visit our place anytime or contact us by phone 407-889-8055 or email me John@agristarts.com.

Some of the newest releases from great breeding programs around the South East!

  • New Blueberries: Optimus, Colossus & Sentinel
  • New Blackberries: Horizon & Ponca
  • New Muscidines: Hall, Paulk, Majesty

If you need any additional info or want to talk - give us a shout!

Available in 288, 72 and 21ct trays Available in 72ct trays
Arcadia™ Apache
Avanti™ Arapaho
Biloxi Caddo
Bobolink Chester
Chickadee™ Prime-Ark® Freedom
New Colossus New Prime-Ark® Horizon
Endura™ Kiowa
Emerald Natchez
New Heintooga Osage
Jewel Ouachita
Farthing New Ponca
Flicker™ Prime-Ark® 45
Keecrisp™ Prime-Ark® Traveler
Kestrel™ Triple Crown
Magnus Von
New Optimus
Patrecia Available in 72ct trays
New Pinnacle New Paulk
Primadonna New Hall
Raven New Majesty
New Sentinel Available in 72ct trays
Snowchaser Peach
Springhigh MP-29
Sweetcrisp Flordaguard
Windsor Avocado