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About Us

Wholesale Tissue Culture Liners

Since our humble beginnings in 1984, our family mission has been for Agri-Starts to be the world's leading and most reliable supplier of plant tissue culture starter plants and services. That is what we strive for everyday.  

Our ultimate goal is our customer's success.

Agri-Starts is absolutely committed to bringing you the highest quality and most unique plant material available.  We accomplish this through careful selection, heat treatments, and state of the art production techniques!

Thank you for your interest in our company,  

The Strodes and the Agri-Starts team

Tissue culture lab

Our tissue culture laboratories have the ability to produce millions of contaminant-free elite plants for all types of markets. The key benefits of tissue culture are consistent quality, juvenile vigor, superior branching, true to type plants at a rapid pace.  Quick build up times allow us to respond to our customers needs quickly.

State of the Art Greenhouses

Our liners are grown in sophisticated, environmentally controlled greenhouses with crop specific designs to ensure high quality. We use ebb and flood irrigation with a harvesting system which allows us to capture and reuse water and fertilizer.

Our Products

All plants on our website and in our catalog are grown in a 72 cell pack tray. We use stabilized media with the highest quality substrates. Stabilized media holds the plants root ball together during handling, shipping, and transplanting.