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All shipments F.O.B.:  Apopka, Florida

We ship via: UPS, FedEx, LTL carrier, Air Freight, & our trucks (select areas only)



Prices are in U.S. Dollars, and are subject to change without notice. Prices stated do not include freight charges.



Free delivery in Apopka, FL area

Select areas of west, & south Florida

$2.50 per Tray



Our packaging department takes great care to insure that your plants arrive in perfect condition. Each box is lightly shrink wrapped for shipping to keep the plants from bouncing around during transport. The shrink film is very easy to open by pulling it apart at the seal.

Our pallet rack works great on large orders that are shipped by truck. When delivered take it right into your potting area to cut out extra handling.$160.00: 80 Tray Pallet Rack (5760 plants)

2 Tray Box

4 Tray Box

$4.00 - 22x12x12 (144 plants)

$8.00 - 25x12x13 (288 plants)

Heat Pack add $2.00

Heat Pack add $2.25


Minimum order: 1008

$75.00 International handling fee per order

$65.00 Phytosanitary inspection fee per order

Wire transfer fees apply 

Shipping expenses incurred by LTL carrier, UPS, FedEx, Air Freight, or by any other means is the sole responsibility of the customer.  If an order is to be shipped by means of air freight, the customer must provide the name of the airline, the airport code, and the handling instructions upon arrival. In the event that misinformation is given and the material is either returned to this facility or delivered to the wrong destination, additional freight charges may be incurred and added to the invoice.  The method of transportation is at the discretion and risk of the customer.