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How To Order

Agri-Starts, Inc. is a wholesale provider of starter plants.  We produce and sell our plants in 72 count liner trays.  In order to purchase our plants you must be a wholesale grower, re-wholesaler, or a producing farm.

We accept orders on availability and pre-bookings.  Some items we will regularly have available while others may need to be pre-booked.

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What you can expect

Agri-Starts, Inc. guarantees our plants to be healthy, disease free, and true to name.  We strive to produce the highest quality material available.  Our starter plants are not retail ready and require further growing.  Virtually all of our plants are grown in stabilized media, this makes the starter plants root system much more sturdy.  We will never make any substitutions without our customers consent.  Plants may arrive cutback for shipping purposes, but don't worry they will flush new growth quickly.